Sales Managment

The sale is key to the success of any company.
We offer a number of activities that will maximize your sales.
We will introduce, together with you, sales channels compatible to your products.
Retail, wholesale, field sales, telephone sales, online sales, sales to the key customers are only some of the possibilities of selling products.

Some of our sales solutions include:
- Determination of the market capacity
- Competition analysis
- Adjusting your company’s offer to the market demands
- Taking the leading role on the market
- The imposition of new forms of product positioning
- Our sales experts always have more responses to the market demands.

Give us a chance to shine in the market together!

We measure our success only by your success!

Strategic Planning

It is important to determine the long-term plans and vision where the company wants to be in the coming period.
Every company should have a clear purpose and direction in which it moves.
It is important to make a series of analysis and include all segments of the company in the process of communication, during creating quality strategic plan.
We offer assistance for a clear understanding of the current situation and determination of the short, medium and long-term plans of your company. We also offer development of set of steps that lead to their achievement..

Human Resourses Managment

Human resources management is one of the most important segments of the business.
Quality human resources are able to realize your business plans and bring success to your company.
We offer number of activities that will make your company attractive for high-quality human resources.
We will find the way to motivate, improve engagement, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of employees in your company.

The services we offer are:
- Recruitment and selection
- Training and education system (external and internal)
- Performance evaluation
- Creating competitive and profitable remuneration and benefit plans
- Creating bonus plans for top managers
- Evaluation of employee satisfaction rate
- Motivation plan
- Coaching

Marketing Managmet

We perform analysis of your market position, determining the comparative advantages of your products.
We’ll define the optimal marketing mix that will establish your product at the desired market position.
We will introduce distribution channels that will ensure that your products find the optimal way to the consumers/customers.
We offer support for placing the product in the international market.

Let’s shine together in the market!

We measure our success only by your success!

Business Planning

A quality business plan can be the key to motivation of employees, analysis of the current financial position and the achievement of results attainable and motivating.
We perform a number of activities and analysis that enable the introduction of high-quality content and business planning.
We also provide a series of steps leading to the realization of your business plan.


We offer assistance in establishing the company and making a business plan.
We find the shortest way for the presentation and positioning in the market.

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