Menjić Consulting is consultancy house, primarily dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as to other large corporation on their journey to success. We are ready to provide a set of consulting and advisory services to solve business problems, and to measure our success only by your success.
If you are a small company and need to make a key step in your growth, please contact us to jointly overcome the obstacles in your development.We are ready to carry out a quality organization/reorganization of your company and provide a set of activities that will give you the opportunity to become respected and successful company in the market in which you operate.
If you feel that you’re close to the maximum of your sales activities, and not satisfied with the results, please contact us to find together new sales channels that will bring you income, relieve administration and achieve desired profit.
If you are foreign company, want to work in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Grecce we are ready to assist you, to find respectful and dedicated partners for your business. We also offer assistance for your business needs that you would like to outsource (sales, human resources, legal, marketing…). You are very welcome to contact us!
Sales, strategic, human resources, legal, organizational, risk, marketing and other consulting services are an integral part of our offer.
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We measure our success only by your success!


We are a consulting company focused primarily towards small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to the large corporations which are seeking to secure their place in the market of the Balkans.
Our motto “We measure our success only by your success” means that all the energy we direct to the satisfaction and success of our clients, and thus achieve our business goals.During the following decade, we expect a significant step towards the global market, first at the level of the European continent, and then on the other continents.
By the end of the next decade, we see ourselves as an important company that service quality and measurable results which make the business world, at the global level, more successful and humane.We see ourselves as a company oriented to the business which knows about ethics and morality.
Our chance is seen in the ideas, knowledge and creativity of people employed in the company and business partners with whom the company cooperates.

Our Values

Our core values are:

High quality of services
Our collaborators welfare
Commitment to progress, development and learning
Providing security and prosperity to every employee
High moral and ethical principles of business
Openness for cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experiences
Respect and appreciation of different opinions
Steady progress, appreciation and encouragement of diversity
Sincere interest in the welfare of the environment in which the company operates